A Step By Step
Cabinetry Project:

Here is a little project we recently completed
for Montgomery County. It was a reception desk
on the 1st floor of the RCI Building at 255 Hungerford Dr. in Rockville.
The pictures show the progress from start to finish.
Thanks For the job Richard.

Starting out with the drawings:
Designed, and drawn by Mariam Zarif.

Arching the 9'6" Radius

Thats Abel there on the right double checking measurments.

The Skeleton is taking shape.

The 1st skin layer is going on.

We layed the wall out on sheets of particle board
on the floor, and after the wall is built that will
become the countertop.

Here is the deck for the countertop.

The 1st piece of folkstone Formica goes on.

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