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RCI Building Reception Desk.

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The Formica is applied to what will
be the front of the desk.

The large "one piece" top is
complete with the Formica.

The support legs are fitted prior
to laminating .

The Countertop is checked for correct
fit. "Looks Good"

Looks good from the back side as well.
A little more work on the legs, shelves,
and the gate, and she'll be finished.

Its ready to be loaded on the truck.

Thursday a.m., and its loaded on the truck, ready
for delivery to 255 Hungerford Dr.

If it fits through these doors,
we will be in good shape.

Bolting it to the floor.

Putting on some finishing touch's.

The Finished Product, with the folks
who made it possible: From right to left
Richard Quesenberry, who oversaw the entire project. / Mont. Co.
Mariam Zarif, she disigned and made the drawings. / Mont. Co.
Eric Bonner, responsible for the construction. Smith & Haines, Inc.