"Out" With The Old Pavilion,
And "In" With The New

Here is another project in which we will showcase with
step by step pictures. This project for the City of Gaithersburg
includes the removal of the old pavilion and construction of a
new updated structure. The old building was 19' wide by 38' long,
the new will measure 30' wide by 47' long. New handicap
bathrooms for men and women will be housed in the pavilion.


Here is the before picture.
Its days are numbered.

The old structure takes roughly 3 days
to remove. It's always fun to see the
quick work of demolition done by a bob-cat.

The foundation concrete has been poured
and the masonry foundation for the new
bathrooms is being constructed.
We are trying to get out of the ground!

The job has been inspected for all
ground work that includes: footing,
slab, electrical and plumbing ground
work. We are ready for concrete.

The masonry work is complete; the project
is ready for the roof construction.

Carpenters have set the heavy timbers and
are now working on the common rafters.

The rafters are installed, and now the
first layer of roofing is being nailed
down. These tongue and groove
2" x 6"'s will be visible from below.

The Pavilion is enclosed for painting.
Shingles are also being installed.

Painting is almost complete.

The timber rafters, and 2" x 6"
v-groove roofing look wonderful
from below.

This project is basically complete.
The City still must grade and seed
the grounds when the ground thaws.

This is the final entry.