Ballroom Addition

The existing dwelling is a two story home with
garage. We will be adding a 925 square foot
Ballroom / Family room including a powder room
and wet bar. The exterior will match the existing
finishes; brick front and siding on the sides.
Interior finishes will include a 9'0" bearing wall
with a cathedral ceiling.

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This is the "before" picture.
The addition will be on the
left hand side.

The excavation has started.
2 to 4 feet of dirt must be
removed for the footers.

The concrete footers were poured the
day before the snow fell. That's Bob
and Juliano standing in the middle.

Boom truck loading the foundation
with block. Bricklayers are ready
to start laying block.

Concrete is being poured for what will be
the crawl space floor. The headroom is
more than 5' tall; great for storage

The project scope includes installing
new shingles over the existing roof.
The color scheme is changing from
brown to black..

Lumber package is being dropped for
the carpenters to begin the framing.

2"x12"s are used for the joist framing
to accommodate the weight of large
gatherings. This makes the floor solid
with very little deflection.

3/4" T & G plywood is being screwed
down for an extra strong sub floor.

Carpenters have begun
framing the walls.
Oh yeah;
Its Christmas Eve.