"Ballroom Addition"
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The framing is nearly complete.

The windows are installed, however
the roof is not on yet. The thermometer
read 23 degree's at 9:00 a.m. so the
plastic on the roof is helping to keep
the heat in the addition.

The roof is on complete
with shingles.

The building is weather tight now.
But that doesn't help the bricklayers.
It was 17 degree's this morning,
and windy. So they have built
a plastic room to heat the outdoors.

The brick face is going on
despite the fridged weather.

The siding has been installed,
and matches the existing house
perfectly. And it should because
it was installed on the entire house.

On the interior, the electrical has
been roughed in. There are many
lights and wall sconces.

The plumbing has also been roughed in.
There will be a powder room to the left.

The room is well insulated.
We're installing R-19 in the
walls and R-30 in the ceiling.

The drywall hanging
crew has started.